Easy and Fun TouchKit

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Published: 07th January 2009
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Fun TouchKit" from Hoda Technologies - a Taiwanese company - adds resistive touch-screen abilities to those ultra compact, ultra cheap netbook computers that are all the rage right now. Though no soldering is required, installing the kit does involve some dismantling of the netbook (which most likely will void its warranty); Hoda provides full instructions on how to proceed.

The kit currently claims compatibility with most 8.9- and 10.2-inch netbooks, including the Acer Aspire One, the MSI Wind U100 and various Asus Eee PC models. Available for purchase online through Fidohub.com or eBay.

The new Easy and Fun TouchKit connects to the netbook via the machine's Webcam port and a USB hub, included on the same PCB as the touchscreen controller. We should mention that the hub features no less than three USB outputs. While reconnecting the camera would mean that one of them is occupied, the other two would remain available, allowing users to add a flash drive, GPS, or Bluetooth dongle.

This solution does seem rather practical, as it offers some interesting upgrade options to users, especially in cases when they prefer flash storage on their netbook in place of an HDD, or want to connect a GPS without having the device added into an external USB

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